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Hi There!!   Hello. I was born in 3/11 of 1976. I am a Dragon and a Scorpio. A strong combination I must say. If anyone doesn’t say it, I s...

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Pedro Frias has composed more than 150 songs. From classical to world music, from pop to fado music, he has composed in several diferent styles. Wanna...

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Pedro Frias has been producing some artists in his own studio RecStudio Algarve. Pedro Frias produced the trailer theme for the feature film “Th...

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Pedro Frias is part of several diferent musical projects. As a guitarrist he divides his talent bewtween more intimate private events, such as wedding...

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ACTOR As an actor Pedro Frias started at the age of 19 playing Jesus Christ last day, in something called “Via Sacra”. Alltho, he had don...

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You can have a all range of diferent acts with Pedro Frias. Here is a list of some: Pedro Frias Solo Guitar Enjoy a beautiful moment with sound of the...

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Music for party/events