You can have a all range of diferent acts with Pedro Frias.

Here is a list of some:

Pedro Frias Solo Guitar


Enjoy a beautiful moment with sound of the classical guitar with either backing tracks for a more upbeat atmosphere or just the guitar for a more intimate/romantic moment.


Duet with Singer.

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With Ilze Van Zanten, Filipa Sousa a guitar and voice duet is great for every occasion.


Duet with Trumpet.

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A very mobile duet with a mix of jazz/ bossa nova and international hits played with guitar and trumpet.


Duet with portuguese guitar. Listen here!

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Enjoy a warm and beautiful sound of two guitars. A portuguese guitar and the classical guitar toghether in perfect harmony.


Trio with Voice and trumpet.


A trio with a singer, Pedro Frias and a trumpet player. A perfect blend for every kind of event.


Fado Music.

1497918_10151903468169023_883894637_oCaptura de ecrã 2015-03-15, às 09.28.35

Pedro Frias has also been part of many fado trios and quartets.
Either with a female singer or with a male (more coimbra fado) you can expect a selection of the most beautiful uplifting fados for your event.



Full Bands.

World Music bands, African band, Jazz Quartets, Rock/pop you name it.
Everything you need you can expect it with the higher qualities standards.

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Pedro Frias Band live in 2010 @Fatacil main stage.



Fireworks can be part of your night!



Taking the lead on stage.


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With OSA, (Orquestra de Sopros do Algarve) and with Gatos Malvados a fado mix band.