As an actor Pedro Frias started at the age of 19 playing Jesus Christ last day, in something called “Via Sacra”. Alltho, he had done some participations in small plays, it was from that point on that he started to develod his acting skills, with a special taste for comedy. While in University, Pedro Frias toke the stage several times as a presenter/host and brought several times laughter with his natural comic way.

Pedro Frias started to use a video camera to record and to “act” and  video shows, sketches, etc. and his Youtube Channel PedroFriasTv came alive. While involved in a musical that never seen the stage “À procura do Rock Português”, Pedro Frias toke part in several  workshops and training for actors, from voice technics to drama.

It was after the “The Right Juice” experience, composing the trailer and teaser music, and acting as Arthur, and his involvement with the cast and crew of the film, that a new light on film production was gained. From that point to using his experience to direct was just a moment.

Here is a little sample of his work.

Pedro Frias participation as “Artur” in the film the Right Juice” in a scene with Mark Killeen.


“The Right Juice” was shown in NOS cinemas in Portugal and Tv Cine. Lucia Moniz was one of the featured actresses.


Also played a part in the web comic show “A panqueca quadrada” and was involved in many sketches as director and actor in “PedroFriasTv“, a youtube channel that even broadcasted live in youtube 25 shows, with live comic sketches in some episodes.

Some pics from “A panqueca quadrada”

Captura de ecrã 2015-03-15, às 10.41.13  Captura de ecrã 2015-03-15, às 10.42.22

A crazy scientist (left), a gothic (right).


Captura de ecrã 2015-03-15, às 10.41.48Captura de ecrã 2015-03-15, às 10.43.32

A crazy man (left) and a cook named “Chakkal“, someone famous in Portugal that inspired this character.


Captura de ecrã 2015-03-15, às 10.52.08 Captura de ecrã 2015-03-15, às 10.53.10Captura de ecrã 2015-03-15, às 10.54.34

Also some pics from the Pedro Frias Live Show in Youtube



Over the years, Pedro Frias has directed many diferent sketches and comic shows, such as “A panqueca quadrada”, “Pedro Frias Tv” or some commercials like “Aqui há comida” or Buy me a Song and many video clips, like Mother Earth for Peruquois and many others. Since 2009, Pedro Frias has been studying, learning and getting more and more into the wonders of film making.

There are many little things he has done over the years and it was in the year of 2014 that directing a short/medium film became a reality.

Pedro Frias is the director of the movie The Eye of Praxos, inspired in Susy Turner YA novels The Morgan Sisters.

Here are some photos from The Eye of Praxos

10253957_731668383520691_2814003023400643984_n  10168104_731668263520703_1246785187805284014_n

On the left in Messines giving directions. On the Right explaining to Sandra Rodrigues (Emma Jane Morgan) what this scene is all about.



On the left, waiting for an actor to be ready. In the background, Michael Turner and Suzy Turner. On the right, Pedro Frias in his studio with Suzy Turner (also author of the script and co-producer).




Iinside a hospital (Hospital particular de Alvor)




In a Villa filming for the first time for this movie with Peruquois and her daughter playing: mother and daughter (Ester and Daisy Maddigan)



1452314_720301624666634_646658820_n 1425736_720121271351336_298605684_n

A night Scene (14) in Messines with the “Bad Guys” of the story.




A night scene (16) filmed in Carvoeiro




Pedro Frias also directed the teaser “Star of Dawn