Pedro Frias has been producing some artists in his own studio RecStudio Algarve.

Pedro Frias produced the trailer theme for the feature film “The Right Juice” with Beau McClellan, (the main singer also). Filipa Sousa also contributed with her voice.


Pedro Frias recorded an album and several other singles with the international artist Peruquois.

Here is one of the songs that was recorded in RecStudio Algarve with Pedro Frias.


Here is a little sample of an artist he produced, Catarina Barão.


Also João Wilson, a song composed and produced by Pedro Frias


Another single Pedro Frias produced with Ilze Van Zanten.


Also produced his own World Music band, Pedro Frias Band. Find out more about this here.

Pedro Frias also produced Shelley Thompson album and participated in co productions with many other artists. Get in touch with Pedro Frias to learn about the studio rates and his producing fees.