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Hi There!! :)


Hello. I was born in 3/11 of 1976. I am a Dragon and a Scorpio. A strong combination I must say. If anyone doesn’t say it, I say it! LOL

I do believe in having confidence in live and if you believe in anything you can achieve it. That’s how I’ve been running my life.

I have a beautiful wife, two beautiful children’s and I do what I dreamed to do when I was a child. So I can say I live a happy life.


Xmas 2014!


I keep driving my self towards more creative work, either in film or music and at the same time, being able to publish my creative work to everyone alive.

I can call my self a composer, guitarrist, producer, director, actor, comedian and lately a futebol coach, a dear hobby (one I take very serioully) that I’ve been having with football team Carvoeiro United where I am an assistant manager.

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There is a lot to see in my website but… If you have the patience to track it all…

…feel free to send me your feedback. I will appreciate it.



Pedro Frias